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Hello, I Must Be Going: Why Improve Communication Technology? :: essays research papers

The interesting thing about the Internet is how it allows us to communicate. The problem with the Internet is how it allows us to communicate. Bear with me. The telephone. Look at a phone, there’ll be a phone quite close to you right now, so just sit and look at it. Admire its simplicity of design, and with that think what you can do with it. By just pressing the correct combination of numbers on this device you can talk to anybody, anywhere. Hell, forget correct, just bash them and see who you get. Isn’t it incredible? When you appreciate it without all you take for granted, for how people might complain and bitch about how they don’t get enough MTV channels that show the same videos, if you can just consider the phone for what it really is†¦ how monumental its ability, how pivotal it is to the world today – the blood veins of the changing earth. Its pretty god damn impressive. And as for mobile phones†¦well. Getting back to the Internet, I’m talking about communicating via computers. Now the Internet is a fine example of how mans efficiency improves a previous invention, like the new Gameboys requiring only two AAA batteries to run, while the first ones needed four AA’s. It’s a geeky analogy, but it decorates the point: using the same technologies as phones, we can now do a hell of a lot more with them. Now we’re well above surpassing the Shannon limit (maximum Kbps through a standard phone line) and new digital technologies allow us to send more, faster. Soon we’ll have optical connections, and then some. E-mail, now I like that. Instant letters, appearing in inboxes faster than it took you to write them. Again, bettering old technology, to use the hideous yet accurate term snail-mail. Royal Mail have just been running ads in Britain – ‘nothing gets through like a letter’. Now there’s a certain truth about that, as the advert states: â€Å"After all, you can’t re-read a phone call.† While that is true, you can re-read an e-mail. You can also print it. However I believe that, although the advert didn’t mention it – there’s something much more personal about a letter, it requires a little more effort to write and send. However I also believe that more people are finding it much harder to summon that effort, considering how much easier it is to e-mail.

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The Importance of Caliban in William Shakespeares The Tempest Essay

The Importance of Caliban in William Shakespeare's The Tempest    'This thing of darkness, I must acknowledge mine.' Although many seem baffled by Shakespeare's The Tempest, the plot is not the target to be deciphered. We understand The Tempest through understanding the character of Caliban. Many works highlight the virtuous side of human nature, failing to acknowledge the darkness that lives within the hearts of all. The Tempest is not one of these works. This story realizes that it is impossible to have the good aspect of human nature without the bad. Caliban helps the reader realize that the difference between good and bad people is the way in which the hidden dark side manifests itself to the outside world. Ostensibly, The Tempest is a play based around Prospero: his power to punish versus his power to forgive. ?Many scholars believe that this is a semi-autobiographical work, written towards the end of Shakespeare's literary career?(Davidson 241). This idea is reinforced throughout the play, especially towards the end and in the epilogue: ' ending is despair, Unless I be relieved by prayer.' And 'I'll break my staff, Bury it in certain fathoms in the earth, And deeper than did ever plummet sound I'll drown my book' (i.e. his tools that work the magic) Therefore, our understanding of Caliban's position in the play is of great import. Critics debate on whether his... ... Interpretation." In The Tempest: A Casebook. Ed. D.J. Palmer. London: Macmillan & Co. Ltd., 1968. 225-263. Kermode, Frank. Introduction. The Tempest. By William Shakespeare. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1958. xlii. Palmer, D. J. (Editor) The Tempest - A Selection of Critical Essays London: MacMillan Press Ltd., 1977. Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. The Riverside Shakespeare. Ed. G. Blakemore Evans, et. al. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1974. Solomon, Andrew. "A Reading of the Tempest." In Shakespeare's Late Plays. Ed. Richard C. Tobias and Paul G. Zolbrod. Athens: Ohio UP, 1974. 232-265 John Wilders' lecture on The Tempest given at Oxford University - Worcester College - August 4th, 1999.

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The Wrong Stuff

In the book, The Wrong Stuff, by Marcus Stern, Dean Calbreath, and Jerry Krammer, a sad story is told about a man that fell from grace as one of the truly great Americans and went on to become one of the most publicly lambasted figures of a generation. The book talks about the life, trials, and tribulations of Duke Cunningham, the American congressman that saw his star fall as far from the sky as one could possibly fall. In the book, the authors take an interesting viewpoint on the many different scenes that would eventually shape Cunningham’s life and they use an interesting style to get across these points.Ultimately, the authors combine to render an effective work that takes a comprehensive view of a man with an emphasis on proving that his life was one that was ultimately wasted. The main idea of the book is to not only give the reader a history of Duke Cunningham and his situation, but to shed a light on what might have caused the congressman to mess up something that cou ld have been so good. It does not take a short sighted view on the congressman, either.Instead of simply focusing on the bribery scandal that sent him to jail or the tax evasion that was a part of his life, it focuses on letting the reader know why these things happened and what might have motivated Cunningham to take such risks. The book talks at length about the fact that Duke Cunningham had it made as a congressman from the moment he entered office. He was able to gain his seat after the incumbent fell victim to a scandal of his own. In addition, he was able to use his past military service in the Vietnam War as a means of earning respect among both his peers and his constituents.The book ties all of these events together in a way that gives the reader a clear view of Cunningham’s entire life and political experience. One important point that the book tries to make numerous times is the fact that Cunningham gained his position of influence not only by circumstance, but als o because he was a relentless worker. On page twenty-four of the work, the authors write (2007), â€Å"But no one outworked Cunningham. Jim Laing, one his tactical flight instructors, once marveled at his willingness to study1† (p. 24).This was an important theme through the book that was represented by in many ways using tales of his Vietnam days. The book’s authors understood that people would be more moved by tales from the battle front, so they took advantage of those stories as much as possible. In one way, this is why the book succeeds in grabbing the reader. In the work, the authors find a lot of success in validating their primary points. They try hard to make the point that the congressman had everything out in front of him, yet he did not have the right stuff to make it happen in life.Luckily for the authors, Cunningham gives them many examples of both of these instances. Not only is he an excellent worker with many accomplishments leading up to his problems, but his political career crashes and burns in such a way that it would be nearly impossible for any author to miss the point in describing the event. Because this was one of the most publicized political corruption incidents of all time, it is very easy for the authors to make the reader understand its significance.The authors make mention of the publicity of the incident when they write (2007), â€Å"Cunningham could no longer walk the halls of congress without being dogged by television cameras and shouted questions†1 (p. 237). This is a clear indication that the event was taking its toll on the senator, and the authors waste little time mentioning this in their work in a way that readers can understand. I would certainly recommend this book to people close to me because it is a perfect recollection a fairly interesting incident.It succeeds in a lot of different ways because it uses real life examples to not only tell the story, but to paint a portrait of Cunningham as a m an. It would really allow my parents to see the congressman in a human sense, instead of simply as a politician with no soul. Of the weaknesses in the book that I would point out to those people, there includes the fact that it is slow moving at points. People that pick up this book to read it are looking to get insight on the scandals and political situations that the congressman was involved in.It spends a little bit too much time focusing on Cunningham’s life as a youngster, while it should be focusing on the main points. Still, these weaknesses are not all that evident to the casual reader, because it is not a slow enough book that will make readers want to put the book down. References Calbreath, D, & Condon, G. E. , & Krammer, J. , & Stern, M. (2007). The Wrong Stuff: The Extraordinary Saga of Randy â€Å"Duke† Cunningham, the Most Corrupt Congressman Ever Caught. PublicAffairs Publishing.

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Analyses on TED Talks

Yet in terms of effectiveness and persuasiveness, Bale's is better than Whodunit in addressing the problem behind the Issue. Bales performs superior than Wooden as he Introduces the problem clearly and directly, which is more effective for audience to understand the topic. In the introduction part, both of them share their personal experiences to form a hook to draw audience's attention. Bales uses his personal experience for introduction. In his first sentence he says, â€Å"The Interest in contemporary forms of slavery started with leaflet that I picked up In London. Instead of directly stating the thesis of his speech, Bales draws the audience's attention by telling when his â€Å"interest in contemporary forms of slavery started. † Meanwhile, Wooden starts off with â€Å"The global challenge that I want to talk to you about today rarely makes the front pages. † She continues by showing her family group photo in front of Attainment and connects it with an example th at happened in China. As an audience, I immediately know â€Å"slavery' will be the main topic throughout the speech of Bales and the question he raised – the possibility of having millions of slaves.His move induces my personal feeling towards the Issue. When I am well informed of what I am going to analyze, I will be more attentive to listen to the speaker, so do other audience. On the other hand, Whodunit's introduction of saying the photo was taken two weeks ago in fact is amusing, but its correlation with her topic is not as strong as Bale's did. When Wooden Is showing her photograph, It takes time for the audience to find out the main topic of this performance, which is vague when audiences are watching live elk.Furthermore, when we are comparing the two headings, â€Å"How to combat modern slavery† and â€Å"Our Century's greatest injustice†, it simply shows the difference in terms of clearness and directness on the two topics. Therefore, I am persuaded by Bale's style as he has a better Introduction. Besides the Introduction, regarding whose skills on explaining claims and showing examples are more enhanced and convincing, Bale's do as he has structuralizes and clear organizations. The body paragraphs are the utmost important parts for an article, a speech, or a critique.It is cause through the development of body paragraphs, we can decide whether an argument is persuasive or not. Although the content of the two issues are different from one another, we may compare the speeches by their claims, examples and evidences. Truly, both of the orators enrich their ideas with impressive examples, but am more Inclined to those presented by Bales. Bales claims that â€Å"slavery is an economic crime and people are doing it to gain profits. Bales tries to prove that by saying, â€Å"slavery would be recognized throughout all of human history. Hence, Bales 1 OFF re enslaved in 2010 and the average price for one of them nowadays is Just abou t $90 dollars in average around the world. Steps by steps, he explains the situation of slavery and provides suggestion for solving the problem. Thus, audiences are convinced by his speech and acknowledge the seriousness of the problem. For Whodunit's speech, she is trying to raise people's awareness about the unfair situation on female, hence showing that the status of women should be upraised as it will benefit the whole global society by presenting how four girls â€Å"moved out of a vicious cycle and into a virtuous cycle.In order words, there are four examples are explaining women are capable of acting the important roles in the society. Wooden does a great Job in explaining her thesis with the support of the examples, however I am not sure if she is objective enough. She does not mention the cases for male and the reasons behind why male are most likely showing upper status than female. In fact, taking about hegemonic masculinity may explain the condition in which men are dom inant and privileged (Connell). If she can include such information, audience may have more opportunities to Judge the problem.After comparing, I prefer how Bale does his speech, which is more detailed and persuasive. After raising people's awareness, both Bale and Wooden succeed in asking audience to call to action. All the hard works of the two speakers are to raise people's awareness towards the social issues. It is flog on dead horse if there's no further follow up – call to action. Bales narrates the story of a woman in Nepal which shows that we, people who got intellectual power, are the only hope to mitigate with slavery. Thus, he leaves audience the question, â€Å"Are we truly free?Meanwhile, Wooden reflects it is more blessed for us if we can help others as well by quoting researches, which shows there are few things can elevate our level of happiness and one of them is to contribute a cause larger than ourselves. She demonstrates that it is a great opportunity for audience not to hesitate but to Join the movement. She also leaves a question for the audience to nibble at: â€Å"How do we discharge that responsibility? † Both of the two orators starts their speech by taking the personal experience as the hook, then adding examples and claims to strengthen their ideas.At last, asking audience to show sympathy for the needy people. I believe from this act, audiences can be more motivated as knowing how the people are treated unfairly. In these two 220 minutes' talk shows, the audience is deeply engaged with these two global issues. Bales and Whodunit's sophisticated presentation skills raise our interest to further investigate the problems and the solutions. Dignity and rights of all members of human are the groundwork of freedom, Justice and peace in the world (Structure of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 2).We are the lucky ones in his planet neither because of the ability to buy the latest tablet, nor enjoying a decent meal. We are lucky as we have the chance to study, have the chance to live in a safety place, and have the chance to not to be dead due to slavery or born in places with discrimination. Bale ends his speech, â€Å"Are we truly free if we are not thinking about these issues and help the needed ones? † We should constantly remind ourselves that we, as a responsible individual of this global community, should always take the initiatives to bail those who are underprivileged out from their predicaments.

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Dealing With Physical Abuse

The Struggle Physical Abuse Brings People all around the world have suffered from being abused verbally and physically, causing a struggle because they don’t know how to handle these types of situations. In the short story Runaways by Karen Brennan, the main character Lou is physically abused by her husband, which leads Lou to run away, causing problems between friends and family. What are you without loved ones? When you really care about someone you will give an arm and a leg for him or her but once they cross a line they shouldn’t, it feels like the world is supposed to end.In Lou’s situation this is exactly what happened to her. She gave her entire life to her husband and her children. Unfortunately her husband didn’t care about her feelings and cared more about what he wanted than what would keep her happy. Physical abuse in a relationship is a key factor of failing marriages. Lack of communication can lead to physical abuse. Throughout the time that Lou and her husband have been married, they have been through a lot. One thing that might have started all their arguing besides his drinking problem may be that they â€Å"have difficulty talking to each other†(Brennan,501).Lou states, â€Å"My husband didn’t always beat me. In the beginning he was just irresponsible. I could live with that. He drank too much and in the worst times he drove too fast with the babies in the car†(Brennan,501). Lou’s husband beats her so often, she is afraid to go to sleep. When her husband was drunk he became a whole different person, â€Å"he was a maniac when he was drunk†(Brennan,501). â€Å"Its unfair the advantage that men have†(Brennan,501) because woman should be able to stand up for themselves without worrying about what the guys reaction will be.Lou is a woman who will put others before herself. She is a mother of four children and wants everyone happy. For instance, a lot of mothers’ first rea ction to their children crying is to beat them and tell them to â€Å"stop whining†. Lou has been beaten by someone she truly loves so why would she want to beat four people she loves unconditionally, her children. Lou states, â€Å"I am not one of those mothers who turns around in the car and swats the kids on the legs and tells them to shut up. I have never believed in that. When they whined, I told stories.I told them about a family who sailed away in an orange balloon†(Brennan,501). Lou had hit her breaking point and had to runaway from her problems. But is running away the answer? Often people who are physically abused turn around and abuse others. For Lou, it was a different story. She was not a young adult who abused her children because her husband abused her. Many people take their anger out on others because it is a way to make themselves feel better. Lou possibly could have felt pressure to raise her four children with her husband being involved.Lou was stro ng enough and didn’t stay in an abusive relationship just for the children because she knew leaving was the best decision for her at the time. Through all the ups and downs Lou went through with her husband in the end she felt like she was left with nothing. â€Å"a woman without a husband is like an ocean without a sea†(Brennan,500). Its hard being happy if you don’t have the people you cherish most in your life around you. A person can struggle with a bunch of emotions and if you don’t have the support of people that care about you, the situation gets a lot harder.When you are surrounded with people that want the best for you, then you will get though your struggles with someone by your side, not alone. I personally know someone who went through something very similar from what Lou went through. My cousin who is now 25 years old has been dealing with family problems ever since she was about 10 years old. I have heard all these stories about my cousin an d her family from my parents. I was always curious and wanted to know what was happening but it was not my place to ask questions because it might be a sensitive topic for her.Her father was a heavy drinker which caused him to be very angry not only friend friends but especially with his family. My cousin Kelley was the youngest of the two kids. She has an older sister who was 4 years older than she is. Night after night her father kept drinking excessively. The family knew what was coming along with his drinking, his anger. One night it got really bad, he yelled at Kelley for the littlest things, things that were not even a big deal. One time, she didn’t wash her plate after dinner because she was too tired and wanted to go to bed.He became highly upset and rushed into her bedroom, slapped her, and told her to get up and clean her plate. Each day he got worse and worse. After a couple years went by Kelley, her mom, and he sister could no longer handle him and his drinking pr oblem. They moved out when he was at work so he could not say anything about it. The girls moved far away and did not tell anyone where they were going because they did not want their father to find out. They knew he would make a big deal about it. Three girls living on their own trying to survive must have been hard.Having a main man in their life was their leading factor to surviving. Without her dad paying for everything and supplying for the family, it’s difficult for the girls. Somehow her father found out where they were and made them come back. They decided to give their father one more chance, thinking that things would be different but they only got worse. He thought they would leave him again so he tried to be more protective which only caused his anger to be worse than it already was. As Kelley matured throughout the years she realized she no longer wanted to have her dad in her life at all so she lost all contact with him.She got her own apartment and did almost a ll her daily actives on her own. After everything that happened with her dad, she didn’t want to depend on anyone else but herself. This made it difficult for Kelley to keep close friendships with her girlfriends because after her father, she thought that everyone she truly cared about would let her down like he did. Kelley’s fear of having to abandon ones she love caused her to have little friends. She was afraid to trust anyone at all because she believed that friendships and relationships don’t last forever.Later when Kelley became a young adult she realized that she could not go on any longer not having her father in her life and having little friends that she can count on. Being on your own is tough. So Kelley allowed her father to re enter her life but not fully be involved 100%. She realized although she had been through a lot over the years, having her dad around again was exactly what she needed to be happy again. As the years go on, you find out who yo u need in your life and who you would be okay without. I thought that Lou and my cousin Kelley’s story were similar due to running away from their problems.Although Lou was physically abused and Kelley was verbally abused their problems with the men in their lives bring their two stories together. Not having a close relationship with someone who means the world to you has to be really hard. Especially for Kelley, being so young and thinking you dad would be someone you would look up to as the years went on. Her father ended up being someone she never thought he would be, which had to of been beyond upsetting. As for Lou, the man who has been the love of her life for years now and has children who look up to him is not the type of father they though he was going to be.Its hard putting all your effort into someone and believing they are going to give their best to you and then be let down. Being let down is very hurtful and can cause someone a lot of pain, for instance Lou and Kelley. Although Lou and Kelley did not end with the same feelings at the end of both of their stories they still dealt with the same process. Work Cited Alvarado, Beth, Barbara Cully, and Michael Robinson. â€Å"Runaways. † Writing as Revision. Boston, MA. : Pearson Custom Pub. , 2003. 499-509. Print.

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The Chinese Culture: A Chinese-American Family Reunion

My wife is originally from the southern part of China, so her family is a mixture of descendants of China and the Americans who have married into the family. A few years ago her family had a reunion to gather together and visit with one another, and I was invited to attend. While I had experienced some of the Chinese culture prior to the event, the reunion was the first time that I really got to observe the traditional culture in real life. The event was a very elegant occasion, more like a banquet than the typical American family reunion. There was tons of food, most of which was Chinese, and even Chinese decorations. There were red lanterns strung around the room, all lit as the evening approached. They were very beautiful, but as it turns out they are not used for beauty. The lanterns symbolize good luck and hope. They are used every year in China at the Lantern Festival, when they line the streets to symbolize this same meaning. The color red also has significance in the Chinese culture. It is believed to be the color of luck. Some of the older family members spoke the Chinese language, which was interesting to witness, but most everyone spoke English. I am an American with family roots in Germany, so the two cultures are vastly different. The biggest difference I noticed was how much more reserved the Chinese people seemed to typical American families. Even the children, who were laughing and playing, seemed to be more respectful than American children. This aspect of the culture impacted me the most. I realized how different people are from different parts of the world, and especially those who live in America, but have been raised with traditional Chinese values. It amazes me how different cultures can vary so greatly. I enjoyed this learning experience with my wife’s family and I look forward to many more Chinese events in the future. References: Chinatown Connection, â€Å"Lantern Festival.† Chinatown Connection. n.d.. Chinatown Connection. 5 May 2008 . Lee, Danile. â€Å"Chinese People Lifestyle.† Chinatown Connection. n.d.. Chinatown Connection. 5 May 2008 .

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Analyze oral history Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Analyze oral history - Research Paper Example It is also imperative to note that he was an enthusiastic environmental conservationist according to his conversation. According to Ansen Adams, photography constitutes of all communicable aspects and the whole of photography technical attributes. The most interesting aspect of this interview is that Alsen relays his personal opinions childhood and his emotions. The interview is an important source since one is able to understand his viewpoints on life and other aspects of photography. The interview brings to light important aspects about Alsen philosophy, and one gets the feeling that music and photography are the same. â€Å"Conversation with Ansen Adams† explains the photography works of Adams equivalent to his experiences, emotions, and transmission of his concepts that has shaped today’s history. Adams made photography an important aspect in representation of historical events. Photographs have a unique way of communicating information that would otherwise not be feasible orally. â€Å"Ansel Adams conversation† refers to interviews held in twenty- six sessions with Adams Ansel (Harroun and Teiser 4-8). These interviews portray various topics, personal life and feelings of the photographer. It is interesting as to how Adam Alsen compares yester education systems to current systems. In his narration, one gets the feeling that yester year’s education systems were superior. However, is this truth? The camera that Alsen used back then would not be relevant in today’s photography. He examines yesterday’s technology to details, but such technology will not be relevant in the 21st century. Therefore, humans are in a constant state of progress and this means that things have to change. We may look at t his works with great pleasure, but we know well we cannot change the world’s geography or nature. Adam narrates of his education and points out that he was not that a good student. He went through different schools